Loveless - My Bloody Valentine [1991](IRL)|Shoegaze/Alternative Avant Rock

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  • Published on:  Feb 13, 2019
  • Video full hd 1080 Loveless - My Bloody Valentine [1991](IRL)|Shoegaze/Alternative Avant Rock 48:31:, 720, 480 Loveless - My Bloody Valentine [1991](IRL)|Shoegaze/Alternative Avant Rock
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    👤Artist: My Bloody Valentine
    ♬Album: Loveless
    ♮Type: Full Lenght
    🕑Release Date: November 4th, 1991
    🎶Genre: Shoegazd, Alternative Avant Rock
    ✅Status: Active
    💲Label: Creation Records
    🗺Country: Ireland
    🌎Location: Dublin
    👣Formed in: 1983

    1. Only Shallow #" onclick="*60+00);return false;">00:00
    2. Loomer #" onclick="*60+15);return false;">04:15
    3. Touched #" onclick="*60+52);return false;">06:52
    4. To Here Knows When #" onclick="*60+49);return false;">07:49
    5. When You Sleep #" onclick="*60+20);return false;">13:20
    6. I Only Said #" onclick="*60+32);return false;">17:32
    7. Come In Alone #" onclick="*60+06);return false;">23:06
    8. Sometimes #" onclick="*60+05);return false;">27:05
    9. Blown A Wish #" onclick="*60+24);return false;">32:24
    10. What You Want #" onclick="*60+00);return false;">36:00
    11. Soon #" onclick="*60+33);return false;">41:33

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