Has Brexit broken politics forever?

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  • Published on:  2 days ago
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    This week we talk to two MPs elected as Tories at the last election - Phillip Lee and Damian Green. However Phillip Lee is now a Lib Dem. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)

    Last week, he showed his displeasure with the direction of the government by crossing the floor of the house to join the Lib Dems while Boris Johnson was speaking in the Commons.

    Damian Green is staying put with the Conservatives but has written to the Prime Minister as the head of the centre ground 'One Nation' group of MPs - objecting to the purge of 21 Tories thrown out of the party last week for voting against no deal. 

    We met in a shut down House of Commons in Phillip Lee's parliamentary office.



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