BUNKER REVIEW Palmetto AR10: 50% Less Battle Rifle Option

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  • Published on:  Mar 15, 2019
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    What about an AR10 that is about HALF of what most AR10s cost? Sounds great and it peaked our interest. However if it's crap who cares? So I got us a Palmetto PA10 AR10 for testing and review in TNP. What's more is THIS video debuts a whole different way of reviewing guns in TNP. Say hello to the new TNP BUNKER!!! Made possible by TNP Patreon support I created this reviewing bunker for GRVs, philosophy videos, and more. Apparently ya'll want to see me more instead of just my hands...wth? In the background you'll see this personality, systems, history, and cast members of TNP, adding interest to an already fun review.
    Oh yeah, back to the PA10. Again high value is great but it has to perform. We need excellent accuracy, price point appropriate features, high reliability, and good SAWC to be rated highly here. The competition is fierce and many .308 battle rifles are proffered in TNP, embodying years of work (https://tinyurl.com/y9zphpq9). Multiple desert outings ensued with the Palmetto PA10 and it's easy to get an opinion on the rifle.
    So let's get started with this NEW chapter in long running TNP...

    Wicked gear shown and rec'd in this video:

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    Casio G7900 series, reviewed!: https://amzn.to/2MiDDDA

    Nutnfancy Aviation Museum, 1/72 scale "Easy Modes" are xlnt:
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