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  • Published on:  May 12, 2019
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    Yo!!! This is gonna be the part 2 of The Cute Fighter. DON'T WORRY!!! You don't have to watch The Cute Fighter to understand Not What You Expect. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy this mini movie. And before you ask, please don't ask to be pinned. There's already a pinned comment.

    #Gacha #GachaLife #MiniMovie

    Music -
    Thumbnail - Taylor / Super.Panda_101
    Programs - KineMaster Pro and iMovie

    Things That Kept Me Sane -
    Power Up by Red Velvet
    Gee by Girls Generation
    Me Gustas Tu by Gfriend
    ASMR Emiko Ffujio

    Main Motivation -
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