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  • Published on:  May 21, 2019
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    A girl who is criticized and called a monster, a girl who looks evil, a girl you think that can kill. Is that who she really is?

    On the day she was born, everyone starts being afraid of her even her parents but that’s not the case when she transfers to Aven Academy. Along the way she’s known to be the scariest person, Just because of her eyes.

    In this gacha mini movie there will be sorts of emotions. Have fun watching!
    AHHH! Can you guys believe it? I finished this freaking mini movie! After changing the plots and making mistakes I’ve done it! Yes, there are still mistakes in this video but guys please give me a break its been 2 months since making this glmm.

    Ugh, I’m still mad at myself for deleting the first done glmm! Like it was done then my dumb self decided to delete it without saving it -.- and the plot I was going for was so good! *sigh*(I don’t wanna remake it btw because I’m a coward)

    Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this mini movie! I put in a lot of effort to this hehe ❤︎

    Part 2 is out :D

    ►BTS (방탄소년단) - 봄날 (Spring Day) Piano & String Orchestra Version:https://youtu.be/GqmAe0QfkjU
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    (I do not own any of these music, they belong to their rightful owner.)

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